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Earth Movers – Why You Should Move to Gold Coast From Australia

earthmovers gold coast

Earthmovers gold coast is a company specializing in various moving services across Australia, from loading trucks and compactors to forklifts and mobile scooters. It was founded by Bill Fairburn, who started out as a utility man before branching out into his passion for moving people. The company is one of the more popular moving companies in Western Australia, having served the community for over 35 years, serving mostly throughout the Gold Coast and areas surrounding. The company has many branches in Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria. They have also established international branches in Indonesia, Malaysia, Spain, France, and Ireland.

Moving Services Gold Coast Australia

There are many factors that can impact a moving decision. Some of these include the type of equipment, the amount of money being spent, the distance of the relocation, personal preferences of the individual or the company and budgeting habits. Bill Fairburn believes that no service should be chosen solely on price, “it should be about delivering the best experience for the customer”. The success of the company depends on finding a balance between the different factors, such as the distance of the relocation, the type of equipment to be used and the budgets of the clients. The main aim of the company is to provide a fast and reliable moving solution, which meets the customers’ moving needs at an affordable price.

“A lot of people think moving from one location to another will mean a lot of work but this is far from the truth.” says Bill. The Gold Coast has become a popular place to relocate, not only for people relocating, but for business people who look to relocate as well. “This area has the best growth and job opportunities in Australia and this has created a huge influx of people from all parts of the world. We see it as a gateway for all those people” says Bob Price.

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