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What Does a Net Branch Mortgage Company Do?

Net Branch Mortgage Company is a mortgage company that does not do direct cash loans. Instead, the company applies for mortgage backed securities backed by securities. This can be accomplished through what is called an “e” branch where one mortgage company does all the processing while another company just acts as a “e” branch to deal with the customers that have already signed up with them. The net branch then goes onto process the net secured loans.

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These loans are then made under the names of NNN Investments, etc. There are usually several of these types of companies in any metropolitan area. You will often see a NNN Investments sign on the front of the building. That is because most of the direct lenders to the net branch banks. There are sometimes however, private investors that invest in these types of mortgages too.

The net secured loan process can take anywhere from four to seven days from the time the application was filed until it is approved and funded. At that time the net branch will make sure the borrower has all of the documents they need to sign such as their income tax returns and pay stubs. Then the net secured loan companies go to work processing the loan. Usually the net branch mortgage companies are in the process of finding the best rates and terms for the loan before the end of the business day. This way the net secured loan companies have the money to offer the best possible rates and terms to the borrowers that apply for these loans.

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